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If you're a little short on inspiration, it can help to take a look at existing arcade cabinet plans. Several individuals in the community have taken the time to put together detailed drawings of their cabinets to 'share the wealth'. Jakobud has also put together a fine collection of classic cabinet plans, documenting detailed dimensions of all the necessary parts of your favorite classic arcade machine.

Cabinet Documentation in Progress

Project Link Original Release Notes
Star Wars Cockpit Atari, 1983 The Star Wars Cockpit (SWC) cabinet is the Holy Grail of many collectors. Recently several threads have sprung up on the forum in an attempt to document and produce plans of the cabinet. This wiki page aims to condense all the information from those threads into one central place.

Plans of Existing Arcade Games

Game Name/Cabinet Type Original Release Drafted By Other Credits Last Updated Download/Link
A.P.B. Atari, 1987 Jakobud Nannuu May 12, 2004
Assault Namco, 1988 Jakobud Trimoor Sept 26, 2004
Atari Football (2 player) Atari, 1979 Jakobud MinerAl Sept 26, 2004
Bucky O'Hare Konami, 1992 Jakobud   June 5, 2004
Centipede Atari, 1980 Jakobud Carlos May 15, 2004
Defender Williams, 1980 Jakobud   July 15, 2004
Donkey Kong Nintendo, 1981 Jakobud BishmasterB May 3, 2004
Donkey Kong Jr. Williams, 1982 Jakobud   May 3, 2004
Donkey Kong 3 Nintendo, 1983 Jakobud   May 3, 2004
Dragon's Lair Cinematronics, 1983 Jakobud Hyperion May 5, 2004
Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp Leland, 1991 Jakobud   May 6, 2004
Dynamo 34" Showcase Dynamo Jakobud   Sept 29, 2004
Galaga Midway, 1981 Jakobud   July 15, 2004
Gauntlet Atari, 1985 Jakobud SpyStyle Sept 27, 2004
G.I. Joe Konami, 1992 Jakobud   June 5, 2004
Mario Bros. Nintendo, 1983 Jakobud   May 3, 2004
Mario Bros. (Wideboy version) Nintendo, 1983 Jakobud   May 3, 2004
Moon Patrol Irem, 1982 Jakobud   May 5, 2004
Mortal Kombat Midway, 1992 Jakobud David May 3, 2004
Ms. Pac-Man Midway, 1981 Jakobud
NeoGeo MVS-4-25 ver 3 SNK, 1989 Jakobud   Sept 29, 2004
Nintendo Vs. Nintendo, 1985 Jakobud   May 3, 2004
Pac-Man Midway, 1980 Jakobud   May 6, 2004
Pac-Man (cocktail) Midway, 1980 Kyle Lindstrom     BYOAC Plans Page
Pong (model 320) Digital Games, 1975 Jakobud Menace May 3, 2004
Popeye Nintendo, 1982 Jakobud   May 3, 2004
Q*Bert Gottlieb, 1982 Jakobud Menace May 3, 2004
Robotron: 2084 (cocktail) Williams, 1982 Jakobud Crsdawg May 4, 2004
The Simpsons Konami, 1991 Jakobud   June 5, 2004
Space Invaders (Taito Cocktail) Taito, 1978 hbm*rais londonbabe   BYOAC Forum Thread
Stargate Williams, 1981 Jakobud   May 4, 2004
Sunset Riders Konami, 1991 Jakobud   June 5, 2004
Tempest Atari, 1980 Jakobud   Sept 20, 2004
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Konami, 1989 Jakobud   June 5, 2004
TMNT: Turtles in Time Konami, 1991 Jakobud   June 5, 2004
Track & Field (cocktail) Konami, 1983 Jakobud Wade Sept 29, 2004
X-Men (6 player) Konami, 1992 Jakobud Macattack Sept 26, 2004

Original Cabinet Plans

Cabinet Name Drafted by Download/Link Notes Plans Mike Trello, 2003 website Build walkthrough and PDF plans
Basement Boomerang cabinet Callum Henderson, 2006 Basement Boomerang website Based on Defender with PDF plans
Frostillicus' two part cabinet Frostillicus, 2003 Frosty's Website A two-part design with 1UPs rotating control panels.
Happy Hour Bartop MAME Oscar, 2001 Archive of Happy Hour webpage Original website and plans no longer online
Jakobud's mameCab Jakobud, 2002  
Jeff's Ultimate MAME Arcade Machine Jeff McClain, 2000 Jeff's Website Loosely based on Lusid's design
Lowboy From Barazil hbm*rais BYOAC Forum Thread Based on generic Lowboy cabinet
Lusid's Arcade Flashback Lusid, 1999 Lusid's Arcade Flashback Free plans in PDF format (also available from
Massive MAME Tom B., 2002 Massive MAME Website Six sets of cabinet plans
Scott's Unicade Scott Scott's Website A Neogeo inspired cabinet
Supercade Jeffrey Forester Allen, 2003 Cybercoma Website  
Ultimate Arcade Mameroom Mameroom Website Commercial plans and templates
Ultimate Arcade II Mameroom Mameroom Website Commercial plans, templates and kits
"Unnamed" (Gotham) MAME Kelsey from OscarControls Archive of Lots of photos and some pdf plans
Vectoraster Ken Bloch Archive of Vecoraster Plans page Plans in PDF format