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LCD TopGun

This page has Basic setup info for setting up the LCD TopGun. All info taken from

Basic Installation Steps

Details on each step below, but do the following in this order:

  • Mount the LED stands
  • Plug the guns in (It is recommended not to use recoil till you're all done)
  • Install one of the drivers
  • Do Hardware calibration
  • If guns aren't moving the mouse at all, reboot to redetect hardware
  • Go into the driver calibration screen to calibrate.

Mounting the LED stands


  • In theory, the LED stands can be any arbitrary location in relation to your screen, as long as the gun can see the LEDs when you point at all corners of your screen.
  • The LED stands have keyhole mounts for mounting with screws, and clips to hang from the top of your screen.
  • If mounted vertically, the three LED stand is on the left, the two LED stand is on the right. The cables hang down from the bottom.
  • If mounted horizontally, imagine the 'vertical' mount and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, like this:
    • The three LED stand is on the top, cables hanging off the left end.
    • The two LED stand is on the bottom, the red power light on the right side.
  • Note the further apart your LED stands, the further further back you must stand in order to calibrate the guns. So a horizontal mount allows you to stand closer.
  • If your display is too large, or you can't stand far enough back, you may need to mount the stands inside the actual screen.
  • You only need one set of LED stands for a dual-gun setup.
  • Note the LED stands plug into the Gun cable, NOT directly to a USB port.
  • The LED mounts do not need to be exactly 'angled' with the screen.
    • I.e. If your monitor is tilted 10 degrees back, your stands can still be vertical. This will impact accuracy, but it'll be okay if you don't get excessive.

Installing windows drivers


  • One user had to disable USB 2.0 support to get the drivers to work.
  • Avaliable drivers: (Note the gun is a Guncon2 device)
    • Standard driver
      • Version 3.2 - no current info
    • Wingun
      • Wingun asks you to shoot the dots one inch away from the screen. This does NOT WORK. You must shoot at them from your normal shooting distance.
      • You should plug in your guns before installing wingun, as it does detection during installation.
      • If you hit a weird 'skip' i.e. wingun sees gun 1 and gun 3 (and there's no 2) uninstall and delete the ini files.
    • Smog's Guncon2 driver
      • Should be installed before plugging the gun in
      • The gun should show up as two items: Guncon2 device and HID compliant mouse.
      • If you select 'LCD Top Gun mode' you don't need to software calibrate. You must still hardware calibrate.
      • Hitting 'save' will cause the gun to stop sending data - unplug it and replug it in again, or refresh the windows device manager in control panel, or hit save again.
  • It is possible to use the EMS drivers, and then calibrate with wingun.
  • If you install the Act Lab troubleshooter, you must select 'ActLabs TV lightguns'
  • Player's 2 buttons 1 and 2 could be configured to be mouse1 button3 and mouse1 button 4

Hardware calibration


  • You can not do hardware calibration if the software drivers are not installed/broken. `
  • Make sure the gun is correctly set to either P (PC/PS2) or X (xbox)
  • First make sure you are not in calibration mode, by pointing the gun at the floor. The laser should turn off. If it does not turn off, shoot the center of your screen about 5 times to 'finish' calibration.
  • When you are not in calibration mode, the laser should only be on when it can see all the LEDs.
    • The laser should be stable when you point it at the 4 corners of your screen.
    • If it turns off or flickers for any corner, you need to correct that or you will have a flaky gun at best.
  • Point the gun offscreen (the floor/ceiling). Hold down the A and B button to enter calibration mode. (you see the laser turn on)
  • If Installing 'vertical' LED stands, Shoot the top-left LED group.
  • If Installing 'horizontal' LED stands, Shoot the top-right LED group.
  • Shoot the following in this order:
    • Center of the screen
    • Top left corner if your screen
    • Top right corner if your screen
    • Bottom right corner if your screen
    • Bottom left corner if your screen
  • Xbox Calibration: Try shooting just above the left LED bar, and shooting outside the corners of the screen, not directly at the corners to tune calibration. THis is because the xbox 'screen' might be larger than your tv screen (i.e. overscan)

Some people have reported success calibrating by shooting slightly 'outside' the screen. You'll have to experiment.

Software Calibration

  • It has been noticed that many different computer/driver combos have calibrated to the sane numbers!
    • X Min = 160
    • X Max = 672
    • Y Min = 32
    • Y Max = 224
  • Try those values first, and you may not need to do anything else!
  • For Smog's Drivers, you edit the ini files in the Program Files/Guncon2mouse suite/profiles directory with:
     AutoCal= 0
     RightEdge= 672
     LeftEdge= 160
     DownEdge= 224
     UpEdge= 32
  • In Windows, As a general rule, most of the drivers should act like a mouse. If the mouse pointer isn't going where you're aiming the gun, you're not calibrated.
  • Wingun:
    • If you notice the calibration is consistently off, you can correct this by shooting 'off' of the targets.
    • Be sure to calibrate using the wingun tool.
    • May need to blank the 4 edge calibration values before going into 'auto calibrate'
  • EMS driver 3.1 does not appear to need software calibration.
  • Smog's driver should autocalibrate correctly.

General Calibration notes

  • Note you MUST first calibrate the guns via hardware, then in windows calibrate via software, then possibly calibrate in the game itself.
  • Best accuracy is obtained by shooting at the place you calibrated the guns.
  • If you move side to side this affects calibration less than towards/away from the screen.

Mame specific Notes

  • use 'mame -cc' to create a mame.ini file if you don't have one.
  • When doing in-game configuration in mame, set p1 trigger to mouse0, and p2 trigger to mouse1
  • To force mame to use a specific resolution (although this shouldn't be necessary):
     mame opwolf -r 640x480
     edit mame.ini and set: resolution 640x480
     May need: switchres 1 in mame.ini
  • F1 disables cursors in mame
  • The following Namco games:
    • Golly ghost
    • Lucky & wild
    • Steel Gunner
    • Steel Gunner 2
  • Require the following gun calibration steps:
         o hold 9, press F2
         o shoot at the target it shows using the crosshair
         o after shooting it, press 9 to move to the next one, and continue.
         o When back at the start, press F2 to exit 
  • if the gun appears to be off, try hitting F2/F3 to enter service mode to calibrate the gun.