LS-30 Switch Service

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Cap removal tool.jpg

Tools Needed:

  • Snap ring pliers
  • Home-made top cap removal tool
  • Socket wrench with 10mm socket


There's a simple way to get the handles off! I don't think I would have figured this out without this forum post.

Align the tips of the wire under the cap where the two little posts are and pull up to disingage the cap. Cap removal.jpg

Hold the top and loosen the 10mm bolt inside. Once loosened the top will slide off easily. Top nut.jpg

Remove the snap ring (you really do need snap ring pliers for this)
Remove snap.jpg

You should be able to pull the switch assembly out of the body at this point. LS-30 parts.jpg

The outer sleeve part of the switch assembly shaft unscrews from the base. In order to protect the shaft from marring I wrapped it in several layer of electrical tape before unscrewing it with a pair of pliers.
Switch assembly.jpg Sleeve removed.jpg