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MaLa file extensions

  • mlg: MAME game list files
  • mlb: MAME bios list
  • mll: Layout files
  • mle: Non MAME emulator settings
  • mlt: Tree files
  • ml0, ml1, ml2, ..., mln: Non MAME emultor game list files
  • mls: Controller setup
  • mld: LCD screens
  • mlc: LED config, LED attract mode
  • mlj: Jukebox list
  • mlf: Filter sets
  • mln: Game name files
  • mlp: Pattern for the text displays (MaLaLayout)
  • pnl: Control panel (MaLaAttractMode)
  • led: LED file (MaLa Hardware)
  • mplugin: MaLa plugin

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