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  • General

Mala Plugins add extra functionality, and Hardware IO (e.g. LCD, LED's etc...) to Mala.

Mala Plugins can be downloaded here:

EmuWave by Loadman

  • This will play a specific wav when you change emu's. The wav name just needs to match the emu name..

Future changes are:

  • Play random Wav file When Starting MaLa
  • Play random Wav file When Starting Game
  • Play random Wav file When quiting Game
  • Play random Wav file When Quiting MaLa


  • Play random Wav of Game-List change

You group your wavs in folders and just let the plug-in know what folder you wish it to randomly choose a wav from on the above events.

Mala LEDWiz Plugin v2.0 by Swindus, Edge & Loadman


Overview: The Mala LEDWiz Plugin was designed to be a simple but powerful tool to help light up your control panels. We tried to make it as customizable as possible, and we are always open for more suggestions.


  • Light up your controls in any RGB color by using the LEDWiz intensity levels
  • Light up your controls as you scroll through game lists in Mala
  • Light up your game specific controls when you launch a game in MAME
  • Set default lighting schemes for other emulators as well - not just Mame
  • Over-ride default lighting settings for specific games (ie, NeoGeo games)
  • FLASH-N-SPEAK - Plugin will flash and speak each control (FIRE, JUMP, etc) upon game launch
  • Flash all your buttons on Mala start, Mala exit, game start, gamelist change, etc.
  • Random Attract Mode[/color][/b] - Randomly runs one of the many ledwiz animations (LWA) included [THANKS HK!]
  • Support for ADMIN buttons:
  • User can assign friendly names to admin buttons (ie, Menu, Pause, etc)
  • User can make admin buttons stay lit (no matter what game is selected)
  • EZ-RGB Data Entry - To help speed up data entry when configuring your panel, the config wizard will automatically populate the RGB values based on only one input. For instance, if your RGB has its R wire in input 1, the plugin will automatically input G in input 2 and B in input 3.
  • As you configurate your panel in the wizard, you can see your buttons lit up real time. Make a change and instantly see it!
  • Support for up to 16 LEDWiz controllers
  • Support for both RGB and Single Color LEDs
  • All screens sized for 640x480.
  • Microsoft .NET not needed.
  • And much more!

v2.0 Release Information:

Download it from our temporary location (will be on Mala site soon): [2]] Extract in your Mala directory.[/li]

Here are some other screen shots:



Special thanks to swindus, RandyT and headkaze for all their help.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Edge and Loadman

LEDBlinky by arzoo

BYOAC Forum link:

New MaLa Plugin - LEDBlinky!

Here's what it can do:

Light active and/or inactive controls for MaLa front end (user interface). Light active and/or inactive controls for MAME emulation. Light active and/or inactive controls for other emulators. Remapping controls (MaLa or MAME) will automatically remap the associated LEDs. With RGB LEDs, you can specify colors for individual controls or using a pre-defined colors.ini file, match the original game control panel button colors. From the MaLa UI, game controls can be lit as you scroll through the game lists. Designate LEDs as "Always Active" for use with coin, start, or administration controls. Use the LED-Wiz built-in blinking effects. Attract Mode animation when screen saver is active (this is a future enhancement).

But we already have a MaLa plug-in for the LED-Wiz! This is true - and the LEDWiz plug-in by Loadman and Edge is excellent! The primary difference is how the LED-Wiz hardware is linked to the game controls. The LEDBlinky plug-in maps the hardware by input codes (KEYCODE_A, KEYCODE_LSHIFT, MOUSECODE_1_ANALOG_X, etc.) This allows it to light the LEDs regardless of how you map or remap controls from within MaLa or MAME. It works more like PowerMame or Johnny5. The downside is - a more complex initial configuration.

Loadman and I have discussed the possibility of combining the two plug-ins, but we feel there's enough functional differentiation to keep them separate.

So, if you are already using the LEDWiz plug-in and/or don't often remap your game controls, then I'd stick with it! But, if you want your LEDs to dynamically reflect control remapping, then try the LEDBlinky plug-in.

Please refer to the [i]Install and Config.doc[/i] file to get it up and running. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. There may be a bug or two :), so let me know.

[3] Download LEDBlinky

Serial Display v1.1 by Loadman

Use this plugin to display text on serial displays like a BetaBrite.

• Support for two displays (1xLCD & 1xBetaBrite) • Loads Silver .lcd files • Uses MaLa data to show current menu and game etc as you scroll • Custom text for various events (screensaver, MaLa start)

UltraStikMap v1.1 by Fatfingers

This plugin will automatically apply map files (.ugc files) to your UltraStiks before the game is started and after the game has exited.

Speech v1.0b by Loadman

Soon to be updated

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