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You can use the fairly simple jukebox, but you need to activate this first.

The steps to activate Mala Jukebox

  • Right click the screen in Mala.
  • Browse the popup menu for the options.
  • Find the sound and music tab in the main options box and click it.

This will now bring up the options for your music setup.

  • Click the on the jukebox tab, while you are in the main music options.
  • You can now activate your Mala jukebox by simply ticking the (use jukebox) check box.

Beneath the jukebox check box you will see the (browse base directory) option.

  • Click the browsing tab and browse for your music folder where your mp3s are.

Now the jukebox is activated.

Using specific music for your layout

If you want to use specific music for the specific emulators heres how this is done.

  • Open up your Mala layout editor.
  • Open your desired layout file.
  • Click the layout tab at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the sounds option.

This will bring up the specific layout option sounds menu.

  • Now browse for the sounds you want in your layout (Note: The sounds must be in the main Mala folder to get this to work).

You now need Activate the sounds for the layout:

  • Click back to your main Mala program.
  • Right click the screen to bring up the main options menu.
  • Go to the Gui tab.

In this menu you will see (use backround music from layout) check box.

  • Simply tick this box to use the sounds.


  • Make sure your music is in mp3 format, Mala does not read wma or wav for the jukebox.
  • When using the music from a Mala layout file the volume may change if you remove an emulator. Theres nothing wrong with the jukebox its simply a case of reseting the volume.

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