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Other MaLa Help Pages:
Other MaLa Help Pages:
[[Mala Layout]]

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Details are to be found on the MaLa Website on how to a achive an quick and easy set-up.

The following information is posted here to suppliment that.

Other MaLa Help Pages: Mala Layout MalaPlugins

Quick MAME setup

(Work in progress)

More F.A.Q.

1Q) Why do my games list show much more games than Roms I have in my Roms folder? 1A) Make sure you have in Options-Mame Config-Basics Collect(Only Games with Rom) set

2Q) How can I skip games in the list like MameWah does by hitting the joystick Left and right? This can all be set in options-controller-keyboard-basic. You can set it to skip by page,number of items or letter.

3Q) I run into an issue when I want to scroll through games - it only moves 10 games and stops. If I release the stick and press it again it scrolls through 10 more. 3A) This happens when you have your scrolling acceleration up too high. Try reducing it to say 5 then you can FLY..... through the game lists