Mala Setup

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Details are to be found on the MaLa Website on how to a achive a quick and easy set-up.

The following information is posted here to suppliment that.

Quick MAME setup

  • Download the Windows command line version of MAME
  • Extract MAME in a directory on your harddisk (eg c:\mame)
  • Optional: Download catver.ini (Genre)
  • Optional: Download controls.ini (Controls)
  • Optional: Download history.dat
  • Copy all optional files in the MAME directory
  • Download MaLa from the download page
  • Extract or install the program on your harddisk
  • Execute MaLa

The options dialog will open

  • Point the MAME executable to your mame.exe file
  • MaLa will create a mame.ini and a mame.xml file for you if not found
  • Enter a rom path and a snap path
  • Close the dialog and MaLa will ask you to refresh the main game list.

Accessing more options later:

  • Remember to just click with your right mouse button somewhere on the background to open a popup menu.

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