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Pinball games let you experience the fun of popular pinball systems right on your arcade cabinet or home computer. Many people add pushbuttons to the side of their cabinet to use as flippers and Pinball Plungers in conjunction with popular pinball simulations such as the ones below.

Visual Pinball/PinMAME

Visual Pinball Screenshot
Pinmame Screenshot

Visual Pinball is a playfield pinball simulator. It came with a editor, so you could design your own tables. Visual Pinball has a lots of well created layouts of popular pinball tables from the real world.

PinMAME is a pinball emulator. When run in conjunction with Visual Pinball, PinMAME allows one to design and play a table that will use the actual rom images from pinball tables. These rom images often times have the table logic, sounds, and dot-matrix displays (generally orange) in them.

How to combine these?

Visual Install Pack will install Visual Pinball, PinMAME and setup all the intricate dependancies for you:

How to run on my cabinet?

You need a wrapper to get this to run in your cabinet. Visual Pinball is itself not cabfriendly.

Future Pinball

Future Pinball Screenshot

Future Pinball is the next generation Pinball Development System. It the same people behind Visual Pinball.

It allows you to design and play your very own pinball simulation in True real time 3D. It uses Advanced Physics to provide the best possible Simulation of a true to life pinball machine.

Future Pinball does not utilize PinMAME, nor does it have the option to use pinball table roms.

How to run on my cabinet?

You should download the lastest version (from 1.5.2 or above) to get this to work on your cabinet, if you are using the gameport. But if you use a keyboard hack, it may lose focus at the startup, so you need a wrapper. This wrapper should also work for cabinets, using gameport.

About Sticky Keys

Future Pinball allows table creators to use two special keys, that can be fully remapped by the application.

But some have oversaw this feature, and use stickykeys instead. This is generally not very good for use on a cabinet, and thus must be fixed. It is often very easy to fix these by just looking at the source code. Find the keyname (like "h"), and change it. Some creators have even put these stickykeys at the top of the source, and you only need to change it once.

Other Pinball

Here is a brief list to other good PC pinball simulators:

  • Epic Pinball - A classic pinball game to dos (run fine with DOSBOX)
  • Pinball: INVASION 2 - A very fun combine of galaga and pinball
  • 3D Ultra Pinball (Windows)
  • Balls of Steel (Windows)
  • Dream Pinball 3d (Windows)
  • F1 Pinball (Windows)
  • Fastlane Pinball (Windows)
  • Powershot Pinball (Windows)
  • Pro Pinball (Windows)
  • Worms Pinball (Windows)

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