Tilos's Cocktail Project

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Additional Details

A cocktail cabinet built off of GameCabinetsInc.com plans. I'm a retro-arcade enthusiast that just loves to play games. I'm not a wood working/handy man expert. I'm not a MAME/arcade controls expert. I'm just your run of the mill person who wanted something for themself.The cabinet is a three-box control cabinet. I talk about things that I have done so far and things that I'm working on to finish (always something else to do!).Come take a look! By the way, "Tilos" is a nickname I go by. My real name is Carlos but that often gets shortened to just "los". The "Ti" portion refers to my interest with TI-99/4a computers. Put that together and you get "Tilos" which is pronounced "Tee Eye LOS" with a long "O". :)


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