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Mayby not for the average BYOACer, but should you ever start collecting original arcade cabs, this company could mean the rescue of your beloved (vector) arcade monitor.

Cinelabs currently offers High Voltage Transformer replacements (sometimes called Flybacks) for:

- Wells-Gardner K6100 & K6400 - color vector monitor (Space Duel, Tempest, Quantum, Black Widow,Gravitar,Boxing Bugs,Aztarac)

- Atari/Amplifone 19" and 25" - color vector monitor (Quantum, Star Wars,The Empire Strikes Back, Major Havoc)

- Sanyo EZ-20 - color raster monitor (Donkey Kong (Jr.), Popeye, Mario Bros.)

These HVT's are often the cause of the "death" of any of these monitors. It is great to be able to get brand new replacements. And at affordable prices too.

These HVTs have been designed from the ground up specifically to replace the originals. They are *not* surplus TV HVTs that were "forced to fit and painted to match" for the occasion.

Mark Shostak, developer of these replacement HVT's and owner of Cinelabs, deserves much respect for taking the effort and risk of making these HVT's available at fair prices, and so helping to keep many classic arcade cabinet well and running, or making it possible to revive some of these fantastic classics back to glorious working order !

Cinelabs products are also available from Arcadeshop