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DWJukebox Screenshot in Singles mode
DWJukebox Screenshot in Album mode
  • OS: Windows or DOS
  • Cost: Freeware
  • Skinnable: Full, change all artwork, all interface elements can be changed (size, location and resolution); skins can be changed on the fly.
  • Re-mappable keys: Yes
  • Monitor orientation(s): MonitorLess, Vertical, Horizontal, and Mirrored
  • Screen resolution(s): Any resolutions
  • Main Control(s): Buttons, Joystick, Keypad, Touchscreen, Mouse, Gamepad
  • Supported media format(s): mp3 ogg mid
  • Format Orientation(s): Album & Singles-oriented
  • Additional Requirements:
  • Homepage: DWJukebox
  • Additional Details:
DWJukebox (formerly known as DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox) Jukebox is an MP3 and OGG Vorbis player, designed for use in DOS or Windows based MAME cabinets or as a standalone home jukebox. It is designed to operate as a true jukebox, and not a media player. It is a complete jukebox construction set which can be completely re-skinned and controlled via keyboard, keyboard encoder, gamepad, mouse, or touchscreen.
The main feature of DWJukebox is its flexibility; it can be adapted to use just about any control scheme, from a joystick with a single button to a full custom control panel. Every element of the interface is defined in a skin definition file, allowing for complete customization of the display.
Note: DWJukebox only supports touchscreens in DOS and Windows XP.
DWJukebox was created by Chris, who is an active member in the BYOAC forums, where support can also be found his own forum
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