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Building your own arcade cabinet is a great way to bring back the gaming excitement of your youth. If you are sick enough, you can go to the next step. Build your own home arcade. There are many factors to consider such as mood, space, and electricity. Some people like to make a sports bar and incorporate a full bar and AV equipment, while some people like to have the dark room just lit by the games themselves. The Game Room can be a truly creative expression. Below are some links to help you create your ultimate game room.

The Real Thing

If you are going to build a game room, in addition to the MAME cab, you might want to also bring home the real thing too. Owning and collecting real arcade machines and pinball machines sits right on the border of insanity. It is like having a whole room of temperamental children. But at the same time, collecting and restoring can become a great hobby. There are many ways to come across and purchase the originals that captured our childhoods.


The Home Gameroom (Examples)

Build it and they will come... Here are several examples of folks who took the plunge and built not only their own game, but the whole game room too.
(Please feel free to add a link to your game room)

Saint's Gameroom As you probably know, Saint really started all this nonsense. So, likewise, he should also have the killer game room to get us motivated to do similarly silly things. Is similarly even a word?
Darth Nuno's Gameroom This starts at pg 4 of his game room building experience. If you have the time, read the whole thing. Sick!