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  • Project Type: Desktop Arcade Controller
  • Construction Method: Scratchbuilt
  • Monitor Type: Arcade Monitor
  • Interface Type: Game Pad Hack (Playstation to USB adapter)
  • Special Controls:
  • OS: Windows
  • Homepage: http://web.njit.edu/~jal0737/

Additional Details

This is my project for turning a Neo-Geo MVS Arcade PCB setup into a home console type system. I also have a large section on building "Universal" Arcade Joysticks to be used on my custom Neo-Geo setup, as well as any other system you can think of, including the PC (for use with MAME and other EMU's), PS2, Dreamcast, and whatever else you'd like to build a converter for. Just click on the Neo-Geo section of my site for a whole lot of info!


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