Lighted Molding

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This is a method for adding or retrofitting lighted molding to a cabinet



Lighted trim can be added to any cabinet that currently uses tradational T-Molding. This is accomplished by running EL-Wire (from a company like Vibe-lights along a length of Chrome T-molding, and covering it with a UHMW Polyethylene Trim ( like part number 8672K65 from McMaster-Carr)

The trim is held in place by creating a narrow channel using the side of the cabinet itself and the T-molding. A router is used to route the standard T-mold slot using a slot-cutter bit. A second pass is then made to take away a 1/8 deep by 1/8 wide strip on either side of the T-molding slot.

The T-molding is placed in its slot and EL-Wire is affixed to it with Tape. A standard 12v inverter run from the PC power supply can be used to light the wire. Once the wire is in place, UHMW trim is slid into the slot created between the wood and the t-molding. A heat gun can be used to create a bend in the UHMW trim that fits more closely to the contour of the cabinet.

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