MS Intellimouse 1.1 to Happs Trackball

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Mouse to Trackball hack

A brief definition and links or mention to any other pertinant wiki entries one may want to reference before making me

Summary of Project

Why would you do this and how will it be done KISS

Parts & Tools Required for this Project

PBJ, list parts and any solid links to those part here

Project Assembly

Safety Advisory: Assembly of this project requires soldering on simple circuit board. Please review all necessary safety guidelines and utilize appropriate safety equipment when dealing with and soldering electronics.

PBJ, this is where you post your step by step with pictures of how you make me

Operation and Programmatic Interaction

PBJ, type how I work here. Do I need to be set up in MAME? How?

Specific Implementations

Below are some examples of specific implementations for this trackball to mouse hack:

PBJ's walkthrough

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