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Roms not shown correctly

Q: Why do my games list show many more games than I have ROMs in my Roms folder?

A: Make sure you set Options-Mame Config-Basics Collect(Only Games with Rom)

How to skip games in list?

Q: How can I skip games in the list like MameWah does by hitting the joystick Left and right?

A: This can all be set in options-controller-keyboard-basic. You can set it to skip by page,number of items or letter.

What is MaLaKeyHook.dll for?

A: MaLaKeyHook.dll is for the emulator exit hook but can be replaced by HotKeys on XP or newer systems. The HotKey stuff does not work with fullscreen DirectX apps (emus) on Win98 systems.

I have some scroll problem?

Q: I run into an issue when I want to scroll through games - it only moves 10 games and stops. If I release the stick and press it again it scrolls through 10 more.

A: This happens when you have your scrolling acceleration up too high. Try reducing it to say 5 then you can FLY..... through the game lists

Is there an Official MaLa Forum?

Yes ..... Mala Forum

List scroll too slow

Q: How do I make MaLa Game list scroll really fast straight away?

A: You need to have the following set:

  • Speed the video

From the main list screen, right-click > options > GUI tab > Options Tab >

Enable display delay set to 100 Tick only "text" under exceptions and leave the rest switched off

  • Speed the input

From the main list screen, right-click > options > Controller tab > Keyboard Tab > Options Tab >

Key repeat (ms) set to 50

  • Speed the animation

From the main list screen, right-click > options > Controller tab > Options Tab >

Check the "use scrolling acceleration" box Acceleration speed 8

This should make MaLa Scroll very fast pretty much straight away...

If the speed is acceptable you can allow exceptions to the display delay (Test individually) The effect will vary depending on your PC speed.

When I quit MaLa I want the PC to shut down too. Can this be done?

Mala OptionsMEA.JPG

A) Yes .

Mala OptionsQM.JPG

You choose a key (be it shifted or not) to get the 'Quit Confirmation', if you press that key again it will go away or press your allocated 'start game' key to quit


Is there a way to have one game list where individual ROMs in that single list use different versions of Mame?

. For example, now if I have some roms that need an earlier version of Mame to run fast enough, I must have them in a whole separate game list. Is there a work-around that you know of that will let me keep my mame games in one list?

A)Yep...You Launch With another Key ... See Pic. Placeholder for the external application command line: rom path, rom name, rom parent name, rom extension and emu name (%path%, %rom%, %parent%, %ext%, %emu%).

Mala MameLE.JPG

Video Screensaver and Layouts. What codec should I use ?

A) For the Mame video preview set, this codec should be used: . Warning: Make sure divx is uninstalled before installing the xvid codec. The commonly available console video preview sets are all encoded in divx format, so they will not work with the xvid codec alone. Some members have had luck getting these divx format console video previews to work in Mala using the 'k-lite' codec pack: . Others have needed to convert them to a xvid format to get them to display correctly and not slow scrolling. This will approximately double their file size so make sure you have the appropriate disk space before taking this route. Many batch video converters are available that can do this for you. Blaze Media Pro is one that has a 15 day full-function free trial which should give you enough time to get a full set converted: .

I am using version am mame version .84 or lower. Mala seems to go through it's process of generating the list of games but nothing shows up.?????

A) as you will see at the website 'MaLa is a multi emulator frontend designed for all 32bit Windows operating systems. It supports the Windows command line version of MAME with XML ROM info (> 0.84)' But having pointed that you can use .79 with MaLa . What you need to do is download a higher a version of mame (like .89) then use that to generate the xml file. (you only need to do that once). Then when that is done use that for for Mame .79.

I have 2 Ultrastick 360's wired in through USB, and MaLa isn't doing any switching at all, despite having both joysticks enabled in MaLa and a "set" for each of them. I'm under the impression that it is capable of auto-switching the game list view depending on if someone sitting on player 1 or player 2's side is operating the joystick. I've configured player 1 to use set 1 and player 2 to use set 2, but no list-flips are happening. ?

A) MaLa supports 2 joys and one pov per joystick set (for example on gamepads). So be sure you use J1 up and down in every joystick set for the movement. Joystick Set 1 One up: J1up One down: J1down Joystick Set 2 One up: J1up One down: J1down and not: J2up and J2 down. <- This is the second joystick and the same joy controller and the U360 has only one joystick .....

An Example: I have two U360 sticks and can use both at the same time to scroll through the list.

For each joystick you can define 2 sticks (J1 AND J2), a POV control and 12 buttons. Maybe its a bit confusing to use J1 in the set for joystick 2 but this is the first stick on joystick 2.

A gamepad for example can have two analog sticks, a digital stick and buttons.

Q) When i hold down on the joystick (mapped to the down arrow on the keyboard) it will go down to the next game but the screenshot will not display until i let go of the joystick. What should be happening is that i hold down, it scrolls, and when i let go.

A) If you are using an older I-Pac be aware I-pac does not do 'auto scrolling' on all imputs. From the website:

You can buy a different chip for them here:

The issue is discussed in this thread:

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