Mala Creation

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Game Lists

  • Favouries

Right Click to copy the selcted game to another Game list

  • Most Played

The most played games will automatically be created. This is based on the tally amount of times the games are launched.

  • Create Custom Gamelist:

You can filter your games and create custom game list using a nice utility called ROMLister. You can download ROMLister from this link Simply follow the directions on the ROMLister website. Once the game list is created you can use it in mala, the gamelist editor or Mala tree. I was able to make a list for all Mature games then remove all those games from other list.
1. Create the merge filed with ROMLister. Tutorial
2. Type Mature in the Find field.
3. select Mala Game List for output type.
4. open Mala gamelist editor.
5. open game list to be modified.
6. select all games and move them to the right side.
7. Select exclude game list.
8. Save as new game list.

This gave me a game list without muture games.

I wrote this from memory so when I get back to my arcade system I will verify and make corrections.

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