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Mamewah Screenshot

Mamewah is a front-end capable of running nearly every emulator for any system. It's highly customizable back-end makes it an ideal front-end for integrating many different systems with highly flexible layouts.

The interface to Mamewah is meant to be controlled by actual arcade controls which makes it a non-point-and-click, non-windows-GUI front end. Mamewah also does an excellent job of hiding the Windows environment.

Mamewah is highly flexible, but it can be hard to configure for beginners. Using the guides below, you should be able to install and have Mamewah up and running in no time.

You can download and try Mamewah from here.

Mamewah was created by Minwah, who is a very active member in the BYOAC forums.

Mamewah Setup Guides

Additional Info

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