Mr Emulator 2

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Additional Details

This is actually my third custom control panel that I have built. I had 3 tops made from 3/4" MDF and laminated in black, purple & stainless steel Formica. I gave the purple top to a friend who made a base, purchased all the components and finished the panel. I intended to keep the black panel for myself, however, upon completion I found that it was near impossible to clean off the finger and hand prints from the matt black surface that were caused by a good MAME session. Anyway, the stainless steel panel turned out way better than I ever could have hoped for. Any greasy marks caused by play wipe off easily, the black HAPP buttons look great against the stainless steel, the stainless knob on the spinner matches perfectly, the white Imperial Trackball ties in with the P1/P2 start buttons and the trackball mounting plate again ties in with the HAPP Super 8-way sticks and the black buttons. Inside there is an Ultimarc I-Pac, currently set to USB mode, the spinner is also USB and the trackball is PS2. Now for the sad part - I am selling this lovely panel :-( I am moving home and need to make space. If anyone is SERIOUSLY interested then please contact me - International shipping can be arranged at the buyers cost, however, UK mainland shipping will be FOC. Thanks all!


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