Old Skooler's M.A.M.E. Cabinet

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Additional Details

Consists of a Main Event cabinet I purchased on E-Bay, completely gutted. I put in a I-PAC along with HAPP controls Ultimate joysticks and 7 buttons per player with a fighter/Neo-Geo setup, player 1 and 2 coin inserts as the original coin doors were broken and Pioneer Car speakers for the sound. The sound comes in through an OLD SounDesign stereo I had from when I was 12 and goes through a LabTec Spatializer 3-D sound enhancer (Works GREAT with Q-Sound games as it is a Q-Sound processor). Used the MAME logo printed out by Kinko's for the Marquee and rigged power strip to plug it all in.


File:Old Skooler's M.A.M.E. Cabinet.jpg

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