Pete's PCB Repairs

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Pete's Pacman & Ms. Pacman PCB Repairs


Pete is a great resource for PCB repair, he is located in New Hampshire.

Will fix yours OR you can exchange your non-working Pac-man or Ms. Pac-man PCB for a 100% working board

  • Complete trade-in or standard board repair. This includes all replacement parts.
  • Incomplete boards are also accepted, with price depending on parts missing
  • Severely damaged or hacked boards may be extra (Will e-mail if this is the case)
  • Turn around time is generally within 1 week of receiving your board
  • No bootlegs, only original Midway boards
  • Shipping charges are extra. All boards are securely shipped in anti-static bags.
  • Need A Working Board? Buy One Outright! Will sell you one.
  • All ROMs are also available for sale, including speed chips.
  • All boards and repairs come with a 30-day warranty.