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If you have an old arcade cabinet that you might want to restore (perhaps after reading the notes on converting a cabinet), you might be wondering how to do this. While restoration of cabinets might seem daunting, it can be very rewarding to own a real arcade cabinet.

General Resources

Luckily you are not on your own, this wiki can still help on topics like hooking up controls or JAMMA boards. There is even more help available via the BYOAC forums or other websites on this topic. See this list below for a collection of arcade restoration links:

Cabinet Restoration

The following a links to various articles concerning the repair of cabinet parts. Bondo is an excellent material for use in repairing damaged wood in cabinets.

Board Repairs and Repair Logs

The following a links to various articles concerning the repair of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Game Manuals, Schematics

In addition to the dedicated sites below, manuals and schematics for many games may be found by looking the game up on KLOV and checking the listing for links to the manuals. These manuals are typically hosted on, which is not available as a dedicated site pending a relaunch.

Game-Specific Resources

Monitor Repairs

Multigames, Game Enhancements and JAMMA Adapters

Some enterprising folks have developed add-on kits that can augment the functionality of original video games. Multigames allow original game boards to play other games in addition to the original. Game enhancements include High Score saving, free play and other gameplay enhancements. Some of these kits are actively stocked by vendors and some may require some hunting to find (in particular, Clay and Scott are no longer actively making kits for sale). JAMMA Adapters allow you to easily connect your old game PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) to a JAMMA-wired cabinet or Supergun. Adapters for many common games are available from a number of vendors

The list of links below is far from exhaustive and you should check with individual vendors to see if a kit or adapter is available for your game.

Repairing & Cleaning Old Controls

See Also