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  • Project Type: Desktop Arcade Controller
  • Construction Method: Scratchbuilt
  • Monitor Type: Unclassified
  • Interface Type: Keyboard Encoder (IPAC)
  • Special Controls: Spinner, Trackball
  • OS: Windows
  • Homepage:

Additional Details

I wanted to make a podium style joystick, similar to the Showcase 33 Cabinets that I've seen, so that I could connect it to any display that I liked. I started with a Treyonics Devastator (highly recommended) and built a stand to put it on and place a computer inside.

Then I modified the Devastator by adding an extra joystick (dedicated 4-way) and some more buttons. The button layout is optimized to play Capcom and Neo-Geo fighters without the need to remap any controls in MAME. You can see in the layout image that the fourth button (Button D) is mapped twice for both players. This recreates the 1 x 4 button layout for Neo-Geo games, and the 2 x 3 button layout for CPS2 Capcom games. Thus it is immediately ready to work with MAME without the need to reconfigure any of the input.

Lots of custom decorations. I also added an LED beneath the trackball to make it glow. I named it Superion to continue with the theme of Transformers that combined (like Devastator.) The system is currently connected to a Samsung 32" widescreen LCD TV (via the VGA input, 1360 x 768 max resolution. The picture below is of an older setup).


Superion cpanel.png



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