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Mug Shot


Born in 1966, I was in my prime video game playing years during the so-called "Golden Age" of video arcade games.

My favorites back then included Ripoff, Galaga, Time Pilot, Robotron, Space Duel, and Joust.

In 1983, some games started charging 50 cents per play. I boycotted these games, including Dragon's Lair.

With the notable exception of Rygar, which is the only game I ever beat on one quarter, I pretty much quit playing video games at the arcade after that. Mortal Kombat and similar games were interesting, but I refused to play them due to my 50 cent game boycott.

I have a degree in electrical engineering, but my career has mainly focused on computer programming. My degree did prove useful in designing my LED controller.

I am married and have two kids. My daughter Claire was born in 1991 and my son Philip was born in 1992. Phil enjoys video games a lot and plays every day. Claire will play once in a while.

My Game Room

My family owns the following consoles, some of which work. NES Sega Genesis Super Nintendo Atari Jaguar Nintendo 64 Nintendo Gamecube PS2 X-Box Wii X-Box 360

If we ever get high-def TV, it's possible we may get a PS3. My son got a Wii for Christmas 2006 and just got a 360 (Elite version).

In my game room I currently have a Galaga arcade game, a Stargate pinball machine (I did a playfield replacement on it) and a MAME cabinet. If I bought another arcade game it would probably be Time Pilot or Robotron. That is less likely than getting another pinball machine. The MAME cab needs a software overhaul, I don't even run BuddaMAME on it!

My control panel is currently disassembled, so my MAME cabinet is hors de combat for the moment.

My Interests

I am the maintainer of BuddaMAME, which is a MAME build dedicated to running my projects. The home page for BuddaMAME is at I have also made minor contributions to MAME and Daphne.

I play bridge fairly well and I play once a month at the local bridge club, and maybe one tournament a year. I am resolving to play more in the coming year.

My email address is buddabing AT houston DOT rr DOT com