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About me

I'm are Alan from Denmark (near Copenhagen), known as Space Fractal in the BYOAC and various Danish forums. In BYOAC im look most in the jukebox and software forums, wich is why I have a jukebox avatar.

I'm are developer of Arcade Music Box jukebox software to Windows, and have made some Arcade based java games too (they all free).

My Games

I have converted some games as webgames, which none of them may been cabfreidly (even they all use space and arrows to controls), here is the best ones:

  • Seasaw Circus is a wellknown variant of the classic arcade game (Circus, and sometimes it named clowns).
  • Cheeky Mouse Deluxe is a unique convertning from the arcade game, because no one have converted to a another platform.
  • Space Taxi was based on the Amiga (I liked that version much) vesionen of the same name. Space Taxi contain a lots of music by me (Im musican too).

My links

  • PlayITgame - My Arcade games section (Seasaw Circus and Cheeky Mouse).
  • Arcade Music Box - My own jukebox software I made to my Jamma cab.