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  • OS: DOS Only
  • Cost: Freeware
  • Re-mappable keys: Yes
  • Monitor orientation(s): Verctical
  • Unique games emulated: About 90 Games
  • Emulated System(s): Various
  • Additional Requirements: Game Roms
  • Homepage: Vantage

What is Vantage?

Vantage is an acronym for Vertical ANTiquated Arcade Game Emulator.

VAntAGE is designed purely as a replacement for your 'classic' arcade board collection.

It was written to be as small and fast as possible (to keep the cost of the host PC to a minimum) and to run the arcade games 'as intended'.

With this in mind, it supports:

  • rotation (i.e. correctly oriented video)
  • screen flipping
  • cocktail modes (for all games)
  • screen video mode tweaking (see Video Mode Tweaking on home page)
  • arcade monitor output
  • various options to run 'tall' vertical games on a horizontal arcade monitor

How to install to my frontend?

Many use this to create a unique setup for this emulator, because it made for dos and it can run on small machine. It recommed to use ArcadeOS as frontend for setup this emulator.

Otherwice it support fullly commandline, but it only made to dos. More help can been found on thier homepage.