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  1. Log in to the Wiki with the same id/password as the forum
  2. "Create" a new Wiki page by simply naming it...start with this url and while still in the location field of the webbrowser, replace "anewcabinet" with the name of your cabinet
  3. A new blank page will appear
  4. Click the Edit tab
  5. Paste in the guts of the is a template for the cocktail cabinets (just cut n' paste, then edit the text accordingly):
* '''Project Type:''' Cocktail Arcade Cabinet
* '''Construction Method:''' Scratchbuilt
* '''Monitor Type:''' Unclassified
* '''Interface Type:''' Keyboard Hack
* '''Special Controls:'''
* '''OS:''' Windows
* '''Homepage:''' http://

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== Additional Details ==

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== Pictures ==

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[[Cocktail_cabinets|Back to Cocktail Cabinet Examples]]

6. Use the upload button to upload an image
7. Update the corresponding Index page to link to your new page (just click the edit button and follow the examples (list in alpha order)

More help on editing the Wiki is found here:

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