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Ratings and Reviews

You can't buy your stuff if you do not have someone to buy your stuff from. Some vendors are better than others. There is a certain amount of fear and trepidation when trying new vendors. Here is your place to sing your praises, or air your dirty laundry. The main point is to give guidance to others in this habit hobby, so they don't get burned by the evil vendor. Please feel free to add your own review and rating, or add your comments to a an exsisting review. But please, please only add your reviews or comments for people you personally have had dealings with. If you need help adding a review or comment, please follow the "How To" link below.

Tools to help you post your reviews

How to Add a New Review or Comment
Template for Adding a New Vendor Review
Template for adding Additional Comments to a Review
The rating system is as follows...
Danger = Keep way far far far away (See Harpal)
Safe = Meh, whatever, I got my stuff. What of it?
Recommended = Feel safe in your purchase.
Highly Recommended = Check this guy out first. He Rocks! I put him in my will.

Comments and Reviews

See the list on the bottom. These are now added automatic.

How to Add a New Review or Comment

Simply to add a New_Review_Template Template. This create the table for you, and you are only need to change the variables.

Here is the template, you can add to the review page:

{{New_Review_Template|Name=YOUR NAME

Make sure Name is on the same line as the tag, otherwise the template would not work.

Don´t forget to add a [[Category:Rating]] into the bottom on the page, if you create a new review, rather than adding a review.

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