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Homepage: http://www.ultimarc.com

Ultimarc sells a line of keyboard encoders, several different joysticks,
and the popular ArcadeVGA video card. The ArcadeVGA simplifies connecting an
arcade monitor to the computer.

The Ultimarc joysticks are not just rebranded sticks from an OEM.
Andy at Ultimarc has added unique functionality to his new joystick product,
the Ultrastik, which allows it to to be programmatically switchable between analog mode,
8-way mode, 49-way mode, and so on.

Review By Buddabing
Comments I have purchased an ArcadeVGA (the older, 7xxx-based model), a T-Stik Plus and an IPac from Ultimarc. I've never used the I-PAC :) or the T-Stick :) but the ArcadeVGA is an integral part of my cabinet. In fact, I may upgrade to the 9xxx-based ArcadeVGA based on recent developments in MAME and Daphne
Rating Highly Recommended

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Review By Space Fractal
Comments Ultimarc is my favorite vendor in the EU! I have only heard good things about Ultimarc in Denmark (there is a simular forum about arcades in a danish language), and he has very great service, when things go wrong.

If you have a arcade monitor, and you want to setup that easily, this is recommended (J-Pac and Arcade-VGA combo).

Rating Highly Recommended

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Review By MYX
Comments Yeah, I gotta give Andy 2 thumbs up. I have bought an ipac, and an Arcade VGA card. I love the fact that I can see the games the way they were supposed to be seen...On an actual arcade monitor!!! The AVGA card was a little tricky to get installed as my computer seemed to want to fight me every step of the way. Andy actually gave me e-mail support for a couple of weeks. After everything was tried, he called me to resolve the issue. Within 10 minutes I was up and going. Good guy.
Rating Highly Recommended

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Comments Andy is very helpful over at BYOAC. He answers any questions or troubles that members have with his products. I have only purchased an Ipac from Andy's store Ultimarc, but my Ipac has never failed me and works extremely well. Shipping was fast even though he is way over there in the UK.
Rating Recommended

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Review By NoOne=NBA=
Comments Ultimarc is definitely in the top three companies to support this hobby. Andy is always helpful, and goes out of his way to support his product as fully as possible. The trick to good shipping from him is to order large. He has a minimum shipping charge, due to shipping DHL, but shipping doesn't go up much at all if you add a bunch of other stuff to the order.
Rating Highly Recommended

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