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General About BYOAC community

Building your own arcade is fun, building it and sharing your thoughts is even more fun! If you have questions that even the wiki cannot answer, take a look at the community. The articles in this section can give you some pointers and insight in the BYOAC community.

How to build your cab

The Basics

A lot of people will look at an arcade cabinet and say "Hey, that looks easy- it's just a screen, some wood and some buttons.", but arcade cabinets aren't quite as simple as many people think. Here's a good place to start learning about the various ins and outs of arcade machines in general.


Looking for ideas? Looking for ideas to avoid? Check out the pages of all those brave enough to take the plunge and build.

Design Software

Good construction work requires planning. This is also true for building a cabinet. With decent construction plans and button layout plans things are much easier. This section gives you a nice overview of software tools that can help you in constructing your own cabinet.

Building Materials

If you're planing on building an arcade cabinet from scratch, these are some of the materials you might end up using for various elements of the cabinet.


Building your own arcade machine is no simple task and requires the correct tools as well as the knowledge of how to use each one correctly and safely. Hopefully you already own some of these tools and are well versed in their operation. If not, here's a few things you might want to add to your shopping list.


Arcade Control Hardware

Here's the reason most people enter this hobby; to play the games you love with actual arcade hardware, just as they were intended. There's a vast array of different controls out there...

Interfacing Controls

Hooking up various arcade controls to a home PC can be a daunting task. Here are some of your options...


Various options are available to display the games you wish to play. Browse these sections to learn more about those options.

Arcade Art

Great games became classics with a little help from their captivating branding & design. Here you'll find articles on design, printing, and techniques that will add visual interest to your cabinet.


An arcade cabinet is more than just a box with a computer in it. Spice it up with these extras!

Software for your cabinet

General software

So, you've build your cabinet and hooked everything up. Now it is time to get everything configured so you can actually use your cabinet!

Frontend & Software

Once you have built a real cabinet you probably want to hide the fact that there is a regular PC powering it. In that case you will need a graphics fullscreen frontend. This way you can keep the arcade look and feel and still select your favorite game or emulator. While you are at it, you might even consider running other applications such as jukebox software!

Systems & Emulators

Nostalgia comes in many different flavours. Do you wish to replay an old arcade game or recapture that classic console game feel? Take a look at this section to find out how to get your cabinet to play the games you like!

PC Games

If you have a PC powering your cabinet, you might as well try a few other games to play on it.