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Loadman, what do you think, If I change into this nice layout, using a template for this page?

Mala OptionsMB.JPG
  • Title: Here one can register a title. This appears then in the layout in the field `'.
  • Mame executable: Path to the executable Mame file `mame.exe'. With the button `Config' can be graphically edited mame.ini the file.
  • Rom info. file (XML): Path to the XML file of Mame with all supported plays. Create can be produced' with the button `, if missing.
  • Rome path 1-3: Here one can indicate paths up to 3 to the Mame of Rome. Following options affect the way, as MaLa provides the Hauptgameliste. These options can be changed naturally at any time and the Hauptgameliste can naturally also arbitrarily often be provided.
  • Collect Only games with Rome: If this option is marked, MaLa collects only Games, which were found as Rome in one Romes paths.
  • Collect Only working games: If this option is marked, MaLa collects only Games, which possess exclusively the status `good'.
  • Collect Only of masters: If this option is marked, MaLa collects only master Games.
  • Exclude: Here one registers exceptions for the production of the Hauptgameliste. If one liked to have for example no Japanese plays in its Hauptgameliste, simply `Japan' to register there. Several entries are also possible and the individual exceptions with a comma are then separated: `Japan, boat-put'. The name of the play is filtered and large and lower case are not considered thereby.

I have seen some text can been removed, since they are very technical and is really only needed by the developrs of layout. It tge referencing the naming of the layouts. You Allredy have the layout page to doing that. What do I think.

I look on that in the next afternoon/night (remember we live in diffecent timezone, so I do not doing anything before that.

--Spacefractal 20:29, 15 April 2007 (EDT)

This text should been moved to mala_layout:

References to the naming of the layouts for the cars layout SWITCH function. The layout for MAME must be called mame.mll. The layout for not MAME emulators must be called like the name of the emulator. (Emu: C64 → layout: c64.mll) The layout for the Jukebox must be called jukebox.mll.

Additionally still another change of the layout is with the change of the Gameliste takes place applies the following: To the Main Gameliste applies standing above. (mame.mll, emulatorname.mll) To all other Gamelisten applies: emulatorname_gamelistname.mll

An example of MAME:

Layout for the Main Gameliste: mame.mll

Layout for the MAME Gameliste Fighter: mame_fighter.mll

Layout for the MAME Gameliste Shooter: mame_shooter.mll

An example of the not MAME emulator C64:

Layout for the Main Gameliste: c64.mll

Layout for the C64 Gameliste Fighter: c64_fighter.mll

Layout for the C64 Gameliste Shooter: c64_shooter.mll

If MaLa should not find the layout for the Gameliste, the layout is used for the emulator.

If MaLa should not find the layout for the emulator, the layout with the name is used standard.mll.

  • Search layout content : During the layout production with MaLaLayout the used pictures and sound of the layout with an absolute path in the layout file are stored. That has the consequence that with a transfer of the layout onto another computer these paths must be edited. With the following data one can go around that and/or create little order in the MaLa a listing. These attitudes concern only the pictures and sounds of the layout. The actual layout files (mll) belong still in the MaLa to listing.
  • Search layout content in MaLa : If this option is marked, all absolute paths of the layout are bent on the MaLa listing. One can indicate also another listing than the MaLa listing, e.g. a listing `to layouts' in the MaLa listing.

  • Use layout of names for directory of names: Additionally one can arrange MaLa in listings, which correspond to the layout name, to search. Dh MaLa looks for the layout of pictures and sounds in an appropriate layout listing in the MaLa draw-eats or in the indicated listing.

An example: The layout file is called `mein_layout.mll'. This file belongs into the MaLa listing. If the option is marked `search layout content in MaLa you', MaLa looks for all pictures and sounds in the MaLa listing. If additionally the option is marked `Use layout of names for directory of names', look for Mala all pictures and sounds of the layout in the listing `mein_layout' in the MaLa listing.

If one indicates another listing, it functions like above described, evenly only in this listing.

it not about config at all!

--Spacefractal 05:42, 16 April 2007 (EDT)

I Like the new look a lot but..

I don't know what happend but it is now in a bit of a mess

  • GUI Section - Missing
  • Layout Section - Missing
  • EMU section is a mess with wrong data that was in the Layout section

Please Fix ASAP :(

--Loadman 14:17, 21 April 2007 (EDT)

Fixed. YOu have just forgot to add }} (double), and not just } to end the article.

--Spacefractal 06:04, 21 April 2007 (EDT)

Thanks :)

--Loadman 21:02, 21 April 2007 (EDT)

SpaceFractal, please help me out with something. The Mala Wiki refers to CPViewer and Johnny 5. I tried separating articles on CPViewer and Johnny from the utilities section, but the wikilink from the Mala Wiki doesn't work. Please fix.

Buddabing 10:28, 25 April 2007 (EDT)

Fixed. I also add links to the Utility page from software page /since for some reason was gone).

--Spacefractal 08:37, 26 April 2007 (EDT)

I want to start a topic with working setup. Because they don't need any pictures, are there templates without them? Or: how to add a new template?


If you look below the three submit buttons, there is a link to edit the template I used. I just added a new template like this:


I do asume this part should have it own page, since it can been bretty big, but it up to you. Otherwice it may been mixed to much about this term about other emulators? It could been called Mala_emulators?

--Spacefractal 07:40, 6 May 2007 (EDT)


I think it's looking good


I got rid of the 'Work in Progress' note. It was ugly It didn't seem to attract anyone to contribute. I put notes on the empty sections as an alternative.