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This is not a good idea to remove links (I´M added), so your page is not accesable from other pages as well (as I can find).

Even a page is not finished, you should add a link from anyware, so people can find the page.

Arcade Auctions have a category of Vendors or should been added into the index page This category serves as a main index for the BYOAC site. Key terms, pages, and topics are included here. To add a new page to this index, simply include the code [[Category:Index]] at the bottom of your new page.

See Also

So please do NOT hide the pages.

You may also add a {{WorkInProgress}} to show the user, the page is not finished at all. They can contribut if they want.

--Spacefractal 19:55, 15 July 2006 (EDT)

I removed them as this is one os several pages that I am working on. This is a sub page under a main portal. the main will be the last thing I work on so that all the actual content is completed once it goes up. There is a plan here and the whole thing should be able to go up in about 2 weeks. At that point I will add in all the catagory information and vendor and all that kind of stuff.